What's under the hood?

watchGuard alert service

Real-time alert system

Immediate update upon compromised accounts detection

Multiple domain detection

Multiple domains detection

Scanning compromised data matching registered domains

API service

Advanced API service

RESTful web service designed to let you drill down into the data

Gain more details by validating domain ownership

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What is Domain Tracking

domain|Tracking service scans compromised data, and provides immediate notification based on watch|Guard service when locating one account or several leaked to the Internet. Information analysis is sent immediately to the customer including date and time of the leak, source of the leak, total found accounts and a list of compromised accounts, which can be found in the dashboard page.

Hacked-DB Domain tracking

Hacked-DB Domain tracking

Data sources

The system automatically scans websites and tools that publish data leaked online by hackers, sources such as social networks, paste tools, Torrent dumps, Darknet etc. Our service then performs an automatic detection for identifying sensitive information which contains the customer's domain address. The detected data is automatically sent to the customer in real-time including the option to download the entire list of compromised accounts.

Gain more details by validating domain ownership

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