Don’t Get Hacked, Get Hacked-DB

With today’s advanced technology, it is becoming easier than ever to hack into any company’s system and obtain discrete personal files, company and personnel records or sensitive assets. The terms hack and data breaches have become so mainstream, it is being used to describe easier or better ways of doing things. Hacked-DB wants to change that.


ID Theft

Sophisticated scraping and parsing techniques auto extracted from multiple sources in variety of platforms, such as Clearnet web, Social media, Darknet, underground forums, IRC channels and more. In addition, sensitive data is gathered and analyzed through confidential and anonymous sources by Hacked-DB Cyber Security Team

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Intelligence technology provides in-depth monitoring capabilities for variety of strings and custom based patterns, e.g. IPs, Usernames, API keys, VIP, DNS, hashed passwords and more. Our technology is designed to enable elastic detection of sensitive information linked to the monitored assets of the organization

API Service

RESTful API service designed for real-time queries and the ability to search for compromised assets and sensitive data based on the organization domain name(s), email accounts and custom strings related to the organization confidential digital assets. The API can be integrated to various 3rd party security platforms and SIEM solutions


We offer our registered companies the unique ability to find out if they have been hacked and to what extent their sensitive information has been compromised. We specialize in cyber security information, web fraud, data breaches and leaked or compromised information uploaded to the deep web. Hacked-DB is here to help you defend your company’s vital data against them.


Online Crawling System

Our exclusive online crawling system scans the web for compromised accounts and alerts our customers via our watch|Guard services.

Offline Crawling System

Our offline crawling system developed to deep scanning files sent to Hacked-DB support by contributers and hackers via our social accounts or our contact page.

Monitor and Alert System

Once watch|Guard is enabled, The registered customer will recieve real-time notifications by email if the tracked account was located in our records.


Hacked-DB was founded under the principle that we wanted to offer an innovative service to companies and industry professionals enabling them to keep track of their vital information and to have the ability to monitor leaked email credentials from security breaches all over the world.

Connect with us

To learn more about Hacked-DB and our extensive array of security information features, contact us and let one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or any of your favorite social media channels or feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we are doing and what we can do to better serve your needs.