Tracking deep web data for cyber intelligence

Check if your sensitive data is compromised

Detect Any

Threat Intelligence Services

Harvesting OSINT data extracted from visible and Deep Web, Social Media, IRC and Dark Web

Domain Tracking

Protect all email accounts registered under your domain name

Account Tracking

Protect individual email accounts with immediate breach notifications

API Services

RESTful web service designed to query for compromised accounts or domains

WatchGuard Data Breach Alerts

Recieve real-time breach notification via email and/or WhatsApp

Custom Keywords

Protect critical assets e.g IP, VIP, CC, SSN and more

Cyber Security

Monitor real-time hacktivism operations that might be targeting your business

Track Any

Tailored Monitoring Capabilities

Monitor critical business assets

Hacked-DB Business Process Assets Tracking

Visualize Detected Data

Cyber Analytics Dashboard

Monitor cyber threats beyond your network perimeter in one unified admin dashboard

Domain Overview

Get the latest information about your sensitive assets detected in various sources

Breach Details

Email accounts with date and time detected including breach source

Domain Reports

Export detected email accounts for further analysis and remediation procedure

Hacked DB Domain Tracking Service

Monitor Potential Threats

Corporate Security

Ability to know if sensitive data about your organization is compromised in the Deep Web

Track Credential Leaks

Monitor if sensitive information or credentials have been exposed in the deep web

Corporate Assets Protection

Monitor cyber threats in real-time to prevent possible loss, damage and brand reputation

Social Media & IRC

Real-time social media monitoring to protect your reputation and online trademarks

Follow a super fast verification process to reveal past detections related to your organzation domain name and to start protecting sensitive assets with Hacked-DB watchGuard Detect and Alert system